Spoze System Solution Introduces LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Lights

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Most of us already know outdoor lighting is an essential component of any home security plan. But did you know, leaving your lights on all night is actually a big security no-no, it signals the bad guys you’re probably not home, increasing the chances of your family being targeted. Additionaly improper and/or mass merchandising type outdoor lighting provides a clear visual path right to your door or window. Properly positioned and focused lighting is critical in deterring the bad guys.

Spoze introduces two LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Lights, a powerful way to startle and ward off even the most determined criminals.

Lamp Halogen Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light (2)


1.) The Designers Fountain PH124-87 Single Light Outdoor Security Motion Detector Flood Light with a 240 Degree Angle from the Distressed Bronze. One of the brightest and most intimidating outdoor LED security light available.

Lamp Halogen Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light (1)

Twin lamp halogen outdoor security light

2.) Globe Electric 300 Watt Twin Lamp Halogen Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light Fixture, Light Bulbs Included, Black. This twin lamp halogen outdoor security light fixture is weather resistant and great for the outside of any home. This security lamp has a 240 degrees motion sensor that will detect any motion and automatically illuminate a 240 degree area, this is a great security feature for your home.

This light fixture includes two halogen 150 watt light bulbs that will provide immense light that will brighten up the outside of your home. This security outdoor fixture has a manual override switch that can disable the motion detector feature.

Whether you are searching for traditional, transitional or contemporary styling, the breadth of Spoze’s product line allows you to indulge your creative instincts at an affordable price.
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