Facebook for the rich: Over N1.5million to Join

Facebook for the rich Over N1.5million to JoinIf you are tired of all and sundry commenting and posting mundane things of Facebook, here’s a social networking site, specially catering to the elite.

Called Netropolitan the website comes with a cost, a price the common folks cannot afford. It will cost you $9,000 (NGN1.5million) to join which includes a $6,000 initiation fee, plus a $3,000 annual fee.

Netropolitan was set up by Manhattan-based composer James Touchi-Peters

“Netropolitan includes many features you have come to expect from a modern online social network – and a few that you may not,” explained Mr Touchi-Peters.

“Once you are a Netropolitan member, you have access to status updates and discussion rooms with all other members.

“You can create groups, have conversations about everything from fine wines to classic cars to vacation destination recommendations.”

In an interview, Touchi-Peters compared the website to “real world social clubs or country clubs” most of which he says charge many multiples of what Netropolitan is charging.

It is available on desktop and mobile browsers, and there are also smartphone and tablet apps for iOS and Android.

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