I hope this meets us well. The decision to contest the 2019 Gubernatorial elections was borne after an in-depth reflection of the current state of our Polity.

It is an assumed tactic that all politicians during elections season will make claims of answering calls from the public to run for elections. But we make no such claims.

Indeed, our decision was borne out of a clear and unambiguous belief that given the opportunity, that I have the experience, the passion, and the capacity to get Niger State MOVING FORWARD at a faster, and more sustainable pace than is currently the case.

This belief is re-echoed across the length and breadth of our dear State, by both the young, the not so young, and the old.

Like Mama na Baro (Keteren Gwari, Minna) … who has graciously given us the permission to share her belief and endorsement of our MOVING FORWARD mission.

We do not have the financial power to match our opponents. But we have the biggest and most influential power: the power of the people which hopefully they will exercise during the elections.
Again, I am not unmindful of the expectations, belief, and hope that is reposed on me to do better. I do not take this for granted.

That is why we will keep planning ahead and setting out in clear details what we will do immediately we are elected.
Mindful of the problems of setting too many goals, we are focusing on setting and working on achievable the following goals within the FIRST YEAR:

In the area of JOBS, we will aim to achieve just TWO goals:
1. Leverage the agriculture, tourism, and solid minerals potentials of the state to engage an aggressive investment drive that will open up those sectors and create more jobs for youths and professionals in the state.
2. Establish an internship program that will offer existing companies in the state tax incentives to engage qualified Nigerlite graduates and jobseekers as interns and hopefully, employees in their companies.

In the area of AGRICULTURE, we will aim to achieve just TWO goals:
1. Launch a mechanized equipment Agric agency to provide large scale farmers who cannot afford to buy mechanized equipment with the equipment at affordable rates
2. Partner with private investors to construct drying and storage facilities to enable farmers reduce post-harvest loss.

In the area of INFRASTRUCTURE, we will aim to achieve just TWO goals:
1. Carry out massive infrastructure development projects that will be strategically distributed to provide employment for youths and businesses in all zones of the state
2. Target the construction of at least one new feeder road beginning with one in each senatorial zone, then one in each federal constituency, and finally one in each state constituency.

In the area of INVESTMENT, we will aim to achieve just TWO goals:
1. Establish a transparent Tax system with robust incentives for companies that provides jobs or infrastructure for citizens of the state
2. Integrate leaders of the business community in the State Executive Council decision making processes so that government will get direct inputs in making decisions that will impact the Business Community.
These are not promises because they shouldn’t be. These are the inalienable rights of the people that is due to them from their leaders.

And I make bold to say that I am detailing them so that you all should hold us accountable to them!
Again, I urge delegates of our great party the PDP to start the process by nominating me as the Party Flag Bearer in the forthcoming elections.

I am open to a debate among my fellow brother contestants and indeed the inter-party field of contestants.

Finally, we must do well to remember that the NASKONIYYA movement stands for issues-based, non-violent politicking. That is what makes us different.
Thank you again for your prayers, encouragement, and support.
God bless Niger State.
God Bless Nigeria.
Insha Allah, we all will keep MOVING FORWARD!

Umar M Nasko